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  1. NFL 2017 season!

    The cowboys have been delightful to watch though tbf ... even though I bet on the he Giants to win this. Some great games all round this week. Jags + Rams looked more mature (albeit against some poor excuse for opposition), Green Bay and Seattle a decent tactical battle, Oakland with a decent start to their play off push. and the jets... being the he jets
  2. NFL Week 1

    Great start to the season, entertaining throughout as a neutral. Sad to see Berry get injured, will be a big loss for the Chiefs. Can't wait for Sunday now Beer and hours of football, what Sunday's were made for!
  3. McGregor Mayweather

    No wonder our bonuses are so s**t
  4. Longshot

    fml Reggie White*
  5. Longshot

    Not sure if you're an Amazon Prime member or if it'll help anyone, but Twitch Prime is offering MUT Legends each week as a reward 85 straight in to your team, and enough tokens to upgrade 7 (over the 24 weeks) up to a 90 Reggie Bush is week one if you sign up now, Rodney Harrison potentially next week Just need to opt in and link your EA Account https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/madden
  6. Longshot

    Played this for a couple hours in the end last night. Very enjoyable so far, much better than the FIFA version for me as well
  7. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    see you at midnight!
  8. The struggle is real

    a bit of both really, I struggle a lot more with the mentioned problem against human opposition, I haven't tested myself against a decent level cpu yet though yeah I think trying to pick up bits like that will definitely help me in the long run. If you're PS4 fee free to add me and play whenever you see me around. Could do with any tactical help I can get so would be appreciated! IGN: Kerrgio I'm familiar with all the buttons, just very rusty as I haven't played one for about 4 years, used to buy it yearly prior to that for about 5 years. Definitely recommend the skills trainer though, can be a bit tedious and there's a lot to get through but it's worth it
  9. The struggle is real

    Enjoying the attacking game enough despite gifting the ball away no end that's something I can work on in my own time though to improve on. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong defensively to give up so much space to throw in to behind my defensive line. Im not really an expert with the tactics admittidely but even when I try get a few to cover the area it still seems to open up a lot and lose yards to the short passing game. I've tried standing in their myself a couple of times and user pick it but that seems to make things worse May not be a way to cover it as such, but any tips for a newbie to the tactical side of things would be appreciated. I've done the majority of the training, may just be a case of trying to learn my tactics a bit better. Thanks in advance!
  10. Patch set for release today

    Those encroachments were annoying had 3 in a row one game, wanted to chuck my controller
  11. NFL Wembley Ticket Returns

    Already got my tickets for the Jets game sorted. Excited to finally getting round to seeing them :rock:
  12. Madden 16 - Initial Thoughts

    After not winning a game against human opposition all of yesterday I sat down this evening and tried draft mode. Aaron Rodgers at QB ran the show and I won all 4 games at the first time of asking Bit of practice and I felt a lot more fluid in offense today now I'm getting the Han. Of the game a bit! Loving it so far
  13. Madden 16 - Initial Thoughts

    Played this all day after getting it. Only beat the computer, was getting pumped on UT every game though need more practice before facing these pro's I think. For the first Madden I've owned in about 4 years i'm enjoying it though. Andrew Luck as my QB on UT running the show occasionally when I'm not playing s**t as well