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  1. PFL Coaches

    Name : Szabi NFL Team : Colts Other sports team/s : LA Lakers First Madden game : 2004 but really into it since 2007 Other favourite games : Not a huge game, like Total War and recently played BF1. FIFA maybe
  2. David Johnson $800k wow
  3. Premier League Fantasy Football

    Could do as well, tho im not an expert haha
  4. 2017 draft QB's... really that weak??

    How many times have they been sacked? Probably that's the only realistic stat about their debut. the problem is not even who they play against. It's what the defense throws at them which is nothing at this point. DC are out there testing what their players capable of, not how they can confuse their opponents. That being said, I expect all of them to crumble except Watson. I dont trust O'Brien, so it'll ultimately depend on him but I think Watson can be a very good QB in the NFL.
  5. Battlefield 1 is in the EA Access Vault

    Me too!
  6. Madden 18 First footages

    He mentions in one of the videos that it doesnt work like that anymore. I never really knew you could press it all the way haha
  7. Here we go, gameplay videos has started to pour out
  8. Madden 18 purchase ?

    Prices I came across so far: Argos - £49.99 Standard Edition Game - £49.99 Standard Edition Amazon - £49.99 Standard edition, GOAT Currently unavailable XBOX LIVE - £59.99 Standard Edition (£53.99 with EA Access) £79.99 GOAT Edition (£71.99 with EA Access)
  9. Madden 18 purchase ?

    I was going to order it today so will post some of the prices I'll come across later tonight
  10. Madden 18 - Teams

    Good point, speed and strength as well will be more relativ to height/weight if Im correct. Still not gonna slow down user picks imo, will take more time to get used to tho.
  11. Dark Tower

    Sorry, meant to type I WAS interested at first...