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  1. QB only league - daily advance

    You mean Packers, right??
  2. QB only league - daily advance

    Would be funny if one of you gets traded by the cpu haha
  3. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    I experienced this as well, especially during rush hour...
  4. Hi guys, since we got this cool new little feature in the game, I thought I'd share this read that will clarify questions you might have. https://www.madden-school.com/offensive-lineman-awareness-rating-impact-blitz-pickup-madden-18/ So for me for example(as much as I understand) its actually more beneficial to have a skill wise lower rated Center as my starter ( Eric Wood, 76 rbk, 73 rbk 78 ibl but 88 awr ) than someone with more talent but less "brainpower" ( Jeremy Zuttah 76 rbl 82 pbl 89 ibl but only 80 awr) Hope this will make things a little clearer. Questions and such about this, post it below.! GO
  5. Advice for Cardinals

    I think you could build a legit case to transform your team into a 43 front. Nkemdiche ia built like a 43 DT, Chandler Jones would thrive as a DE, not sure about Markus Golden's potential as a dlinemen... I would probably go that way (thats without really looking ito it) but with so m much talent on this roster you can trade as well to fins 34 bodies.
  6. Advice needed.....

    Loads of players can play multiple fronts but for me its down to size and strength, agility as well... a 34 DE is required to eat a lot of blocks, so 43 DE are normally to small for that position. this goes vice versa, a 34 DE is too slow to play 4-3DE so shifts inside as a 43DT The end of the day its all down to what system you run and how you try and utilise your players (Just look at examples from real life. 43 DT Aaron Donald was shifted to be a 34 DE but he probably could not be fast enough to play on the outside on a 43 front.)
  7. Advice needed.....

    3-4 DE 4-3 DT
  8. Done My apologies, voted on the Premiership one, thought that was me done with these haha
  9. Injuries revisited

    I personally don't mind injuries, makes it more interesting, the Colts have been f**ked so far this preseason so it's somewhat sim
  10. NBA Offseason

    I beg to differ, Kyrie is championship tested and one could argue CLE would have never won last year without him (as they didn't win the year before) Harden choked and disappeared in games way too many times. I think Uncle Drew will show up in Boston, maybe not as much in year one, but year two.
  11. NBA Offseason

    I think Kyrie is the second most talented offensive player in the league after KD and losing him will cost a lot for the Cavs after Lebron leaves to LA next year. (none knows whats gonna happen but loads of signs point this way) I think the NBA is in trouble with whats going on in the East. There's no competition and most stars keep going to the West which makes it boring. As a Lakers fan I haven't watched playoff action in a while(apart from the finals) both the Cavs and the Warriors made it to the Finals with 1 game lost each. Simply boring. Looking for the Bucks making a leap this year tho!!!
  12. NBA Offseason

    The brilliant things is they moved to Oklahoma not Oakland. Who would have thought theres a market there.
  13. PFL Coaches

    Name : Szabi NFL Team : Colts Other sports team/s : LA Lakers First Madden game : 2004 but really into it since 2007 Other favourite games : Not a huge game, like Total War and recently played BF1. FIFA maybe
  14. David Johnson $800k wow