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  1. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    In Foles we trust!
  2. London Games - 2018

    After the super disappointing Ravens Jags game I gotta go again. Will see, doesnt have to be a Colts game. I'd like to see Gurley, Tyreek, Wentz, Luck, even James Harrison if he is still out there haha
  3. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    @dwevans Brilliant work mate! Welcome to the site
  4. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    @Burnzee Boyee Sorry to hear you leaving man, but sort things out, take it easy, its only a game, sure you'll be back at some point.
  5. 30 for 30 : Madden

    That could actually be interesting. Just getting into podcasts myself, will check it out
  6. official AVENGERS INFINITY WAR trailer

    looks sick
  7. Greatest Comeback?

    Maple Grove
  8. Nfl week 9 & trade

    I don't think Jimmy is the guy tbh. (Not enough tape and durability is a question) Simply the 49ers are willing to give him a chance for a 2nd and no more. (Similar to how the Browns gave Kizer a chance for a 2nd.) Does it mean the 49ers think this 2018 QB class is not worthy of the praise??
  9. Nfl Week 7

  10. Buffets

    Possibly the best topic I have ever seen on PFL.
  11. QB only league - daily advance

    You mean Packers, right??
  12. QB only league - daily advance

    Would be funny if one of you gets traded by the cpu haha
  13. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    I experienced this as well, especially during rush hour...
  14. Hi guys, since we got this cool new little feature in the game, I thought I'd share this read that will clarify questions you might have. https://www.madden-school.com/offensive-lineman-awareness-rating-impact-blitz-pickup-madden-18/ So for me for example(as much as I understand) its actually more beneficial to have a skill wise lower rated Center as my starter ( Eric Wood, 76 rbk, 73 rbk 78 ibl but 88 awr ) than someone with more talent but less "brainpower" ( Jeremy Zuttah 76 rbl 82 pbl 89 ibl but only 80 awr) Hope this will make things a little clearer. Questions and such about this, post it below.! GO
  15. Advice for Cardinals

    I think you could build a legit case to transform your team into a 43 front. Nkemdiche ia built like a 43 DT, Chandler Jones would thrive as a DE, not sure about Markus Golden's potential as a dlinemen... I would probably go that way (thats without really looking ito it) but with so m much talent on this roster you can trade as well to fins 34 bodies.