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  1. How do i get better on D

    If we were to believe you, You'd have us believe you cant play the game full stop.
  2. How do i get better on D

    I sort of have the same problem except i cant defend the pass on 3rd down, i can defend the run, along with 1st and 2nd downs ok but 3rd down usually get's converted and for big gains, im pretty sure its close to 7 or 8 times a game now. Iv'e been reading how to stop it and watching youtube on how to stop it but its pointless, everything i try is failing 90% of the time
  3. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    Yep same here, 3 FG's and 3 PATS in my 1st 2 games of PFL season, very frustrating, although 2 last night were spot on with the arc meter, and still went wide.
  4. Offensive Line Unit Awareness

    I noticed this in last years game to, i found when i boosted the awareness, the RB and QB had more time to find gaps and pick a pass, especially in season 2, season 3 was totally different as the guys i had, had got old and regressed massively
  5. NFL Week 2

    Yeah both unbelievable
  6. NFL Week 2

    Wentz with a madden pick now, ball bounces off helmet into chief players hands
  7. NFL Week 2

    Zach Ertz just benefited from a madden type catch v the chiefs
  8. College Football - Week 3

    Was that former packer Starks rumbling up the field there
  9. College Football - Week 3

    That was completely mad
  10. College Football - Week 3

    Jeez thats a terrible pick
  11. College Football - Week 3

    Yep im watching, there aint much running the ball here
  12. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Played a couple of games with the Vikes over the weekend, Bridgewater, The RB's and WR's are very good, the O Line is absolute mush, cant block anything, and the defense despite been highly rated are fairly average, D Line got no sacks, and Rhodes and Newman were easily got passed by the WR's. Could be a tough season ahead.
  13. College Football Week 1

    Yeah im watching BTG, Michigan QB having a game to forget so far, 2 pick 6's
  14. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    @helimachoptor No.1 in madden team draft, and Fantasy Football draft, proves even if we knew all along, that the drafting process is rigged
  15. PFL Coaches

    Name: Paul NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles Other sports/ teams: Soccer: Liverpool, GAA: Meath. 1st Madden game: Madden 2004 Other games, Fifa, Assasins Creed, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch Dogs