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  1. Offensive Line Unit Awareness

    I noticed this in last years game to, i found when i boosted the awareness, the RB and QB had more time to find gaps and pick a pass, especially in season 2, season 3 was totally different as the guys i had, had got old and regressed massively
  2. NFL Week 2

    Yeah both unbelievable
  3. NFL Week 2

    Wentz with a madden pick now, ball bounces off helmet into chief players hands
  4. NFL Week 2

    Zach Ertz just benefited from a madden type catch v the chiefs
  5. College Football - Week 3

    Was that former packer Starks rumbling up the field there
  6. College Football - Week 3

    That was completely mad
  7. College Football - Week 3

    Jeez thats a terrible pick
  8. College Football - Week 3

    Yep im watching, there aint much running the ball here
  9. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Played a couple of games with the Vikes over the weekend, Bridgewater, The RB's and WR's are very good, the O Line is absolute mush, cant block anything, and the defense despite been highly rated are fairly average, D Line got no sacks, and Rhodes and Newman were easily got passed by the WR's. Could be a tough season ahead.
  10. College Football Week 1

    Yeah im watching BTG, Michigan QB having a game to forget so far, 2 pick 6's
  11. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    @helimachoptor No.1 in madden team draft, and Fantasy Football draft, proves even if we knew all along, that the drafting process is rigged
  12. PFL Coaches

    Name: Paul NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles Other sports/ teams: Soccer: Liverpool, GAA: Meath. 1st Madden game: Madden 2004 Other games, Fifa, Assasins Creed, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch Dogs
  13. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    Really missed this last year when i had got rid of BT Sport, but BT is back Texas A&M v UCLA highlight for me to
  14. Madden 18 Thoughts

    My reciever just stood there facing the QB, hands apart ready to catch but the ball just hit him in the head, im sure there'll be a patch followed by a patch and maybe another patch that'll still not fix it
  15. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Played 1 game there, Graphics are great, Dalvin Cook is brilliant, Vikings apart from the O Line, are not a bad team, and the beautiful Ball hits reciever in head and pop's 10 feet in the air interceptions are back