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  1. Running

    Everyone's wired differently I guess. My wife's friends husband does triathlons and trains loads, she moans like f**k that he basically has no time to do anything with their kids because he's always out on his bike
  2. iPhone X

    iPhone 8 for me. Was really interested in the wireless charging which it has so easy choice Lots of things I don't like about the X. Only doing it in the bigger size sucks, the plus phones are way too big for me, can't see how people even get it in their pocket never mind hold it. And that edge to edge screen scares the s**t out of me as someone who works outside and drops their phone a lot
  3. Running

    They do an ultra triathlon near me in the summer, a 2 mile lake swim, 160 mile bike ride followed by a marathon
  4. Running

    Yeah, I've been running for a while now, get a buzz out of it now when I used to hate it when younger I do a short one 3 or 4 times a week which is pretty much exactly a mile to the gym as my warmup, and then a longer one on Tuesday and Thursday mornings which at the moment I've topped out at 5km, mainly because I still have a full day of work to do and can't really commit more than half an hour. My aim right now is just to bring my 5k time down to something a bit more respectable, I clocked 27 mins yesterday. Not really sure on a long term goal with the time constraint, I guess getting faster and then pushing to 7/8km
  5. He might also not be starting soon, they seem happy with the rookie Peterman!
  6. Game Pass

    Just the 2 Sunday sky games blacked out this year, everything else is on it including playoffs
  7. NFL Roster cuts

    Even better!
  8. NFL Roster cuts

    Kearse and a conditional 2nd/3rd Happy with that from a Jets side, we were never gonna resign him after Wilk and with Williams to come. Hope he does well in Seattle
  9. Game Pass

    The Xbox app has never worked for me, since it was launched. Constantly buffers, ridiculously annoying. I've tried uninstalling and all sorts
  10. Game Pass

    Yeah I've read that, apparently because it's a new app Apple won't let them release it for older versions of Apple TV The iOS app is crap, not a patch on the old one. Support will often tell you that if it's not working you should watch in a browser on a computer, sort of missing the point of an iPad there
  11. Game Pass

    Having a mare now. When they auto renewed me, they charged me in $USD for some reason which meant I incurred foreign transaction fees, only about £6 but it's the principle, they haven't answered my support ticket in 10 days Tried to watch the Jets/Eagles game last night and it just kept freezing, impossible to watch, most of the other games were fine. As of 11.40am the condensed version is unavailable too, not sure what I'm paying for at this point. They must be running it on a proper s**t budget or something, I've had it for about 6 or 7 years now and it's always been brilliant before
  12. No worries Draft confirmed for 8.30 GMT
  13. @rayski is the only one left to vote
  14. Doodle poll for the draft time next Sunday (3rd of Sep) Winner is the one with most votes, I'll cap it at midnight Friday, or when all 16 votes are in, whichever is soon https://beta.doodle.com/poll/a433wdunkecqg9hr
  15. Pre Season Week 1

    stop it