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  1. House of Cards

    So true lol
  2. House of Cards

    Decided to take another plunge on netflix this month..... wasn't expecting much just really waiting for the new Marvel stuff to come available... But decided I have to check out House of Cards as everyone is raving about it.. My this is one of the best series I've seen!! Can't believe it has taken me so long to discover this, put on the first episode last night @ 11pm didn't go to bed till 3.30am... Have you watched it? What do you think? Any other good series on Netflix I should check out?
  3. Six Nations - 2018

    With the six nations kicking off shortly this looks like its going to be an interesting series. Who are you tipping to win it? - Personally I can't look past England; I think they will win quite easily. But I understand the Vocal Irish & Scottish memebers here think differently
  4. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    The James one had nothing to do with his feet, was pretty close to Ertz TD made the grab before the endzone and stretched out to go over the goal line and the ball hit the ground after he had stretched out (was pretty much like a Rugby Try) and was rulled incomplete - think this will be something that will be heavily debated during the offseason - think all NFL Fans can agree there is so much grey around the catch rule that needs to be clarified.
  5. Six Nations - 2018

    Who have you lads got for this weekend?
  6. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Tbf if that Ertz TD was ruled as incomplete I would've lost my s**t, Think the difference between the two though was the fact that Ertz made 3 strides after catching the ball, I still agree the James catch should've been a TD though
  7. Super Bowl 52 Ads

    Some decent ads this year any favourites?
  8. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Knew those NBC graphics were familiar
  9. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Fantastic Super Bowl!!! So glad I stayed up and watched it
  10. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Have to say this first half has been brilliant - lots of action. have to say I'm gutted about that Foles catch - before the game I asked if anyone knew if I could find the odds for a QB reception!!!
  11. SUPERBOWL!!!!

  12. NFL Bad Lip Reading 2018

    Love these yearly videos some great ones here.
  13. Six Nations - 2018

    What a finish, glad I started watching the 2nd half
  14. Six Nations - 2018

    Great try by France!!
  15. Six Nations - 2018

    Well so much for the Scottish pretty poor performance much like their performance in the PS4 league @Aaron
  16. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    If the Eagles defense continues to step up like it has in the past 2 games it will be interesting - but agree with the Majority that the the gap between the QB's is too far and considering the importance on the position can't see the Eagles getting these. Just makes me wish this matchup was Wentz v Brady though.
  17. House of Cards

    You won't regret it - absolutely fantastic series. Although given the news about Spacey that has come out this series, I'm concerned it will hurt it's ended.
  18. Alex Smith

    Quite a good trade for the Chiefs will be interesting to see how Smith works with the Skins offense though
  19. XFL is back

    As long as this happens in the XFL I'm all for it
  20. XFL is back

    After some of the things Vinny Mac announced I doubt Kaep will be back but will give Manziel another shot I suspect. At least this time it is actually being planned rather than previously. I still don't think it will do well, but hope it surprises me as getting more football is a good thing
  21. Nfl Championship weekend

  22. Nfl Championship weekend

    Could you imagine this??? Never thought about
  23. London Games - 2018

    Looks like an announcement is due to come out on Thursday - who are you hoping comes over? Will you be going? I'm really hoping the Chargers come over which at this stage looks likely - although I doubt I'll be able to do all 4 this year as it was quite draining at the end of it but a greay laugh
  24. London Games - 2018

  25. Nfl Championship weekend

    The curse of BTG - it will be a Pats v Vikings Superbowl