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  1. Nfl Championship weekend

    Could you imagine this??? Never thought about
  2. London Games - 2018

  3. Nfl Championship weekend

    The curse of BTG - it will be a Pats v Vikings Superbowl
  4. Divisional round NFL

    I see Mullarkey is gone, quite interesting I think given what he achieved
  5. Divisional round NFL

    im just glad I didn't put any money on the games after the Eagles result, like to think if it wasn't for Marcus Williams I would've at least got one right
  6. Divisional round NFL

    I'm like the Krudler of NFL picks this week
  7. Divisional round NFL

  8. Divisional round NFL

    @FiftyShadesMCFC Patriots over the last month have been terrible, if Mariotta plays like he did in the 2nd half last week it could be an interesting game.
  9. Divisional round NFL

    Falcons, Titans, Steelers, Saints for me - think the Titans gave a real chance at causing an upset
  10. London Games - 2018

    Quite happy with these games should be good!!
  11. London Games - 2018

    I've heard its only going to be 3; due to problems with the Spurs Stadium
  12. London Games - 2018

    Kind of glad its only 3 - looks like I'll be doing all 3!!
  13. London Games - 2018

    Both would be amazing games - either way the talk at this stage is very positive in terms of quality - glad I got my season tickets
  14. London Games - 2018

    See a lot of talk about the Titans and Eagles I guess one of them will face the Raiders
  15. FLM Goal of the Month (Dec 17)

    Shared with the PS4 lot