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  1. Jags v Ravens

    Just landed too....
  2. Jags v Ravens

    Hey guys whose going to the game tomorrow?
  3. Jags v Ravens

    Hey guys whose going to the game tomorrow?
  4. NFL Week 2

    Yep sounds about right
  5. NFL Week 2

    Can't help but feel the Chargers made a mistake letting Lambo go. 2 games in a row have come down to missed FG's (although one of them was blocked) and the playcalling has been far to conservative at times.
  6. College Football - Week 3

    Clemson smashed Louisville big win that
  7. College Football - Week 3

    OMFG!!! What a finish!
  8. College Football - Week 3

    Yeah for sure looked like it was a case of looking to score the TD before catching the ball…. looks like we might go into OT here.
  9. College Football - Week 3

    Was very similar to the INT earlier where it looked like the WR didn't run his route fully…. Great finish to what was a boring game.
  10. College Football - Week 3

    INT!!! Come on Tennessee!
  11. College Football - Week 3

    Perfect throw! - Great finish this
  12. College Football - Week 3

    Kelly is amazing!!!
  13. College Football - Week 3

    - That penalty on Kelly for the celebration was a killer there
  14. College Football - Week 3

    For a game that has been a bit of a snorefest this has being a very good 4th quarter - hoping Tennessee can turn it around though
  15. College Football - Week 3

    He looks quite good - game is getting interesting now.