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  1. Thanksgiving Game Day

    I jizzed in my pants big time there!
  2. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    With offensive linemen yes Still remember our first game 2 awesome blocks blew my mind
  3. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    Photographic evidence of the beard
  4. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    Moving away from the Irish let me present @Stefennn the man with the Beard which has no rivals. Pros - Blocking machine - A beard you could only dream of having yourself - Pretty good at running the ball - Has a pretty decent team - Capable Pash Rusher - Not Irish #irishtakedown Cons - Will make that one block that will set up a 90 yard rush TD but you'll end up forgetting the 10 other times he failed. - Defensive coverage isn't the best. - Route Running or lack therof. Best Position: Head Coach/Defensive Co-Ordinator Role - Offensive Line (Exclusively) & Defensive Line
  5. BTGs Betting Thread

    Woohoo - already better than @krudler42 well on my way to paying off a mortgage YTD Record: 1-1 Winnings: -£1.70 ( Total Bank: £48.3) Next tip: £10 - Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham Hotspur - Dortmund to win @ 2.05 - Returns £10.50 Tottenham will surely rest a few players here after the weekends performance. Dortmund still have a slight chance of getting in - think Dortmund will have a few players returning but still aren't at full strength but I can't see Tottenham winning this one without Kane.
  6. BTGs Betting Thread

    After last nights terrible start lets start chasing... Falcons to win £10 on for £8.30 return
  7. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    Next up it's @rugbydan92 Pros: - Juke master; this guys skills with that right stick is crazy good. - Can actually run routes with the half back and does them well. - Possibly the best RB I've played with thus far. - Great at getting pressure using the defensive line. - If he calls for a toss; don't ignore him chances are his taking it to the house. Cons - Still doesn't know the rules - clock management is the worst of all time. - Can't cover for s**t! - Gets confused which team he needs to throw to when his the QB. - Accurate passer - to the other team - Don't ask him to run routes with the WR gets confused easily. - Irish #irishtakeover Best Position: Head Coach (doesn't have the team good enough for the dance) Role - Running Back extrodionare (seriously best RB I've ever played with s**te at everything else mind) & Defensive Line
  8. Nfl week 11

    I see mccoy got fired today thoughts?
  9. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    Starting things off with the Scout report let me present @LiquidSolid999 Pros: - Provided his not in coverage can play good defense - Defensive Line only. - Lays some good blocks from time to time - Relatively reliable running the ball - Defense play calling isn't too bad Cons - Never let him play QB - EVER - Picks for Days - Can't cover at Linebacker or Safety - actually just plain can't cover - Doesn't stay on his route - Can't hold onto a catch - If makes a play it will be the only thing he talks about for the whole night; not the 20 other times when his f**ked up Best Position: Head Coach Role: Defensive Line - Offensive Line & Running Back Whose next?
  10. PS4 MUT Squads - Scouting Report

    With the thanksgiving promotion on this week I need to get these 25 Wins to do this I need to assemble the best PS4 MUT Squad lineup on MaddenPFL. I'll be using this thread as a way to seperate the strong from the weak; those who roll left to those who roll right and those who just can't throw to the right team @rugbydan92 The idea of this thread is to be build the best PS4 MUT Squad and have clear position designated. If you have your own scouting report please contribute.
  11. Nfl week 11

    After last nights win this pretty much sums me up this morning
  12. Nfl week 11

    Tyrod taylor at halftime
  13. Nfl week 11

  14. BTGs Betting Thread

    Ok fancy tracking some of my tips in a thread to see how bad i am.. lol this could be @krudler42 esque lol.. Starting with a bank role of £50 First tip £10 Packers win SU v Ravens to return £10.50