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  1. Got me a One but got no games

    Id highly recommend dragon age aswell if you like skyrim type games, every bit as good as that game imo.
  2. Order Pizza from your XBO

  3. XBOX One finally purchased today.

  4. Halo Masterchief Collection

    Tried all evening to get into MP and managed to get into 2 (two) games. It's getting fixed though apparently. Campaigns are good though, very nostalgic. I Like how you can switch between the original and newer graphics on the fly.
  5. NFL Gamepass on Xbox One

    Yeah watched the games on Sunday, was fantastic watching the games on the big screen. Been used to watching on the iPad or my phone the last two years.
  6. PS4 advice

    If you are getting the camera, the playroom app that comes with it is great for kids
  7. R.I.P. Oaktown Pirate

    Some of you who might have met him at wembley a couple of weeks ago will be saddened to hear of this guys passing. A prominent black hole member who I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the same section at wembley recently. A husband, father and an Army AND Navy vet who was devoted to his beloved raiders. Just before this pic was taken I asked him for a photo. Before we could take it He was taken by the CNN crew for an interview. Straight after he searched me out of the crowd to take this snap. A tiny gesture showed a glimpse of what a great guy he was. R.I.P. :sad:
  8. Sky Broadband

    Have sky BB here in glasvegas and it's great, no problems. Had Virgin fibre in edinburgh but it was terrible compared to SKY
  9. FAO Red Rhino

    For kev...... My wife has totally trolled me after seeing that group photo. She has stocked the fridge with strawberry and lime kopperburgs
  10. FAO Red Rhino

    Do you know him mate? Friends with him on FB due to raider nation but never met him.
  11. FAO Red Rhino

    This just popped up on my FB on the blackhole page. Just wondering what made you choose this section of the train and why you both look so happy
  12. LIONS FALCONS Wembley game

    I was there for end of early games, what time did you arrive? left early pint wasnt going down well
  13. Bagged a ticket for the Black hole on Sunday. Cheesing

  14. Raiders/Dolphins Wembley Game

    Should be about from 4:30 ish
  15. Scottish Independence

    Massive turnout thats for sure. My wife has had access to some early postal vote sampling a few days ago but its illegal to divulge Dont think it will be as close as polls suggest though......