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  1. Nfl Week 10

  2. DraftKings!!

    Was no one else trying this week?
  3. Nfl week 9 & trade

    I'm right here We are playing very well but let's not get too carried away. Only half way through the season and it'd be the most Rams thing ever for us to slump to 7-9.
  4. Nfl week 4

    @Sovoth HI!
  5. Nfl week 4

  6. DraftKings!!

    Ramadan needs to sort his life out really. If you're including the p**s about 2:30pm game you should be including TNF. 6pm or full week according to me, and I'm usually right about these sort of things.
  7. iPhone X

    Pretty sure he'll just trade in his current phone.
  8. DraftKings!!

    Poor decision this imo
  9. NFL Week 3

    We really need to cut Tavon Austin.
  10. NFL Week 2

    Nearly looked as good as Sam Bradford out there
  11. DraftKings!!

    Thought about doing a pick em tourney to run alongside the main one?
  12. MaddenPFL - DraftKings

    Thought about doing a pick em tourney to run alongside the main one?
  13. NFL 2017 season!

    Tavon Austin though. £15m this year he gets. His contribution so far has been a 40 yard rush for 1 actual yard and a fumbled punt return.
  14. NFL 2017 season!

    Weird seeing Rams rookies actually contributing something on offence
  15. NFL 2017 season!

    You all laughed when I said we'd go 16-0....