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    I've heard a blue pill improves the performance of your D
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    Starting things off with the Scout report let me present @LiquidSolid999 Pros: - Provided his not in coverage can play good defense - Defensive Line only. - Lays some good blocks from time to time - Relatively reliable running the ball - Defense play calling isn't too bad Cons - Never let him play QB - EVER - Picks for Days - Can't cover at Linebacker or Safety - actually just plain can't cover - Doesn't stay on his route - Can't hold onto a catch - If makes a play it will be the only thing he talks about for the whole night; not the 20 other times when his f**ked up Best Position: Head Coach Role: Defensive Line - Offensive Line & Running Back Whose next?
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    I don't find the defensive side too hard on this game - sure there is a tendency to get beat every now and then on big plays but in the end it all comes down to situational awareness. A few tips I would have for a few guys out there. 1. Be aware of the situation - 3rd and Long is most likely going to be a pass play - pass commit (L2/LT + up on the right stick) make sure you're not in base get those DB's out on the field. I generally follow the rule of thumb of 3 WR = Nickle; 4 WR = Dollar/Dime ; Anytime the distance is 15+ Quarters. If you're getting burnt by a TE consider treating as a WR so he has a DB on him with the speed. 2. Alternate your coverages; too often people stay in zone - cover 3 & cover 2 and alternate between the two. Whilst this isn't necessary bad, however against better players who know how to beat zone this will get carved up by flooding those zones. Mix in some Man/Cover 1/Man Blitzes 3. Don't be afraid to get burnt, too often people will play conservative and stay in 4 man rushes for 90% of the game. Mix it try sending that extra LB or two - the idea is you can never let the offense get comfortable - you might get burnt once or twice but your setting your opponent up. For instance I would send blitzes from the left every now and then which would open the flats - I'll give my opponent those easy reads to start the game then take them away on the 2nd drive. The 1st 2-3 drives are the mot important. 4. Coache adjustments - don't be afraid to use them at the start of your game - if you have physical DB's get them to play the man, if you're opponent is pass happy switch on the aggressive pass rush.
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    I wouldn't get too disheartened about failing to stop 3rd down. If people are anything like me, they'll save up their best plays for 3rd down. Meaning that they are really hard to stop. I think all you can do is keep making players have to convert 3rd down. The more you make them get, the more chance they'll exhaust their best plays or you'll start to read what they're doing on 3rd down. So only advice would be keep making them use all 3 downs to get their yards. Don't give away easy yards on 1st and 2nd down. You never know, whilst you're tearing your hair out thinking your giving up loads of 3rd downs, the other guy could be sat there thinking that he's running out of plays to go to on 3rd down. My defence has been very poor this year though, so I'm not really in a position to give advise on specific plays to run on 3rd down.
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    Next up it's @rugbydan92 Pros: - Juke master; this guys skills with that right stick is crazy good. - Can actually run routes with the half back and does them well. - Possibly the best RB I've played with thus far. - Great at getting pressure using the defensive line. - If he calls for a toss; don't ignore him chances are his taking it to the house. Cons - Still doesn't know the rules - clock management is the worst of all time. - Can't cover for s**t! - Gets confused which team he needs to throw to when his the QB. - Accurate passer - to the other team - Don't ask him to run routes with the WR gets confused easily. - Irish #irishtakeover Best Position: Head Coach (doesn't have the team good enough for the dance) Role - Running Back extrodionare (seriously best RB I've ever played with s**te at everything else mind) & Defensive Line
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    After last nights win this pretty much sums me up this morning
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    In fact it’s £7 and you can watch on the Xbox apparently #ThankMeLater
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    Just saw this popup on my facebook feed today. Pretty amazing comeback - those onside kicks though
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    So, after each game I've taken a few minutes to examine each play and see where I f**ked things up.. What I'm finding and last nights game against Ken was a prime example, I cannot defend the pass. 6 catches for nearly 300 yards with all of them going for TD's. my DBs were no where near the ball bar one where Garcon trucked them. My run D is odd, I can bottle guys up for chunks of the game but they always then seem to break off 1 or 2 big runs (like 70/80 yarders). I've got a lot of XP to use on my defense, I'm guessing i should be using this on PRC, AWR, Man and zone for my DBs?
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    Thought this was going to be a post about my win against @dr_volki
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    Was no one else trying this week?
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    Been to a few of those "International" Buffets before, you always find that one person though that has the biggest mountain of seafood - speaking of another rule/tactic - another one I've heard before is always go for the seafood first
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    I tend to just pile as much on and hope I don't have to go up again. Then only go back for cereal, juice, toast type things. Then you always grab a load of pastries and take them back to your room for later. Not so hot on the buffet breakfast, but a wizz at the all you can eat Chinese restaurants. In fact, the best ones are these buffets that combine all types of food. Indian, Chinese, Italian, English etc. Like these International Buffet restaurants. Love going to them. There's one round the corner from Kings Cross Train Station.