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    me and the receiving corp i'll let you guess who the other TE is
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    Tuesday 26 September11.30am – College Football Live12.30pm – UCLA @ Stanford (rep, BTS ESPN)10.30pm – College Football Live3.00am – Texas Tech @ Houston (rep, BTS ESPN) Wednesday 27 September11.30am – College Football Live1.30pm – Mississippi State @ Georgia (rep, BTS ESPN)10.30pm – College Football Live Thursday 28 September11.30am – College Football Live4.30pm – College Football Final10.30pm – College Football LiveMidnight – College Football Countdown (LIVE, BTS ESPN)12.30am – Texas @ Iowa State (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player) Friday 29 September11.30am – College Football Live1.30pm – Texas @ Iowa State (rep, BTS ESPN)10.30pm – College Football LiveMidnight – Miami FL @ Duke (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player)3.30am – USC @ Washington State (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player) Saturday 30 September 2.00pm – College GameDay (ESPN Player, LIVEon BTS ESPN only from 4.30pm)5.00pm – Vanderbilt @ Florida (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player)8.30pm – Georgia @ Tennessee (LIVE, BTS ESPN, CBS Sports)11.00pm – Mississippi State @ Auburn (LIVE, BTS1, ESPN Player)Midnight – ESPN Goal Line (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player via ESPNU)1.00am – Clemson @ Virginia Tech (LIVE, BTS ESPN, ESPN Player) Sunday 1 October3.00pm – Clemson @ Virginia Tech (rep, BTS ESPN)6.30pm – College Football Final Monday 2 October 1.30pm – Championship Drive7.00pm – Mississippi State @ Auburn (rep, BTS ESPN)11.00pm – Championship DriveMidnight - Vanderbilt @ Florida (rep, BTS ESPN)5.30am – Championship Drive
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    Amercan! sounded deep south there I'll stick my neck out and say that I think I may be the oldest person on the site to have played American Football. Back in 1986 I played for a team call the Inverclyde Comets, were were awful AS bad as we were though, it's a great way to keep fit and you're height means nothing bud. There are HB's in the NFL at 5'5", Look at the Bears latest HB rookie, Tarik Cohen, he's 5'6" mate. It's not the height, its the heart and passion you wan to put in to it that counts I'd say go fo it
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    @Riverman can't believe Aaron Rodgers throwing that TD with 12 seconds left beat me if only it had gone to Jordy Nelson!
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    Blitzkrieg release "Reign Of Fire" 7" vinyl December 8th! For fans of NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg, the long wait for new material is finally over. The 7" vinyl EP "Reign Of Fire" will see the light of day on the 8th of December 2017 in a limited edition of 500 copies embraced by amazing handdrawn old school metal artwork by Lee Murphy. Ken Johnson (guitars): "We are very excited about the Reign Of Fire EP coming out on our new label/home Mighty Music prior to the new album release in 2018. Let's re-ignite the fire... flame on". "Reign Of Fire" was recorded by Phil (Vandetta) Davies at Downcast Base HQ Recording Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, England and mixed by Johan Haagesen at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark. Tracklist: Side A: Reign Of Fire Side B: Judge Not (exclusive track for this vinyl release only) Next month Blitzkrieg will enter the studio to record the first album for Mighty Music and follow-up to 2013's "Back From Hell". This album is expected to be released in Spring 2018, where the band will be heading on a European tour. Blitzkrieg will be headlining the Nordic Noise Festival in Denmark in May. "Reign Of Fire" can be pre-ordered at the official Blitzkrieg bandshop: www.targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg, where "Reign Of Fire" t-shirt can be ordered as well. Blitzkrieg line-up: Brian Ross - Lead vocals Ken Johnson - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals Alan Ross - Guitars, Backing vocals Matt Graham - Drums Huw Holding - Bass Band photo & video teaser by Geoff Duke Sample of Reign of Fire
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    kicking is ridiculous in this version, and imo the wind always seems really strong
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    Hi guys, since we got this cool new little feature in the game, I thought I'd share this read that will clarify questions you might have. https://www.madden-school.com/offensive-lineman-awareness-rating-impact-blitz-pickup-madden-18/ So for me for example(as much as I understand) its actually more beneficial to have a skill wise lower rated Center as my starter ( Eric Wood, 76 rbk, 73 rbk 78 ibl but 88 awr ) than someone with more talent but less "brainpower" ( Jeremy Zuttah 76 rbl 82 pbl 89 ibl but only 80 awr) Hope this will make things a little clearer. Questions and such about this, post it below.! GO
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    I ended up changing my mind about grabbed me an 8 Plus Friday I think the X will be very very difficult to get, I wouldn't imagine getting one until Jan, then 9 months later I'd be getting the new one, so held off and got the 8 Plus which I'm loving
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    Me & the Mrs are stuck up in the upper tier somewhere She'll be happy if there are lots of shots of Flacco on the big screen for her to perv over
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    What's the point in that? The best part of football is the hitting people
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    @Kirchoffs69 I was quite happy with the win of course.... glad to win 2 in a row given they've been close.... Thought our offense was rubbish for much of the day some of those 3rd down passes to Allen were awful. But thought they schemed really well to take advantage of your LBs in coverage... On defense think we got a bit lucky... our lbs are weak and we really need Perryman back...will say our dbs looked decent and think the combo of bosa and ingram really help... At least the donkeys lost as well
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    @trooper uk invite sent - felt good booting you from the league though. Balance how i felt typing your new GT out
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    @ZoSo Give Milo a break - without him on the Tweenies I would have pulled lots more hair out when the kids were little Let him have his glory for a while
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    100% agree, specially the SB part;) I've never understood why he signed with us in the first place. What did he expect? That suddenly the Saints will abandon thier style of offence and do everything to suit him. Then he complained when he didn't got the snaps he wanted. Nothing to miss here from a Saints point of view
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    I see your drug use hasn't affected your sense of humor like it has your Madden ability
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    Can't wait for tomorrow hawks rams, shut up the rams love in @RamsDan
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    Drafted a 5'8 kid out of maryland
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    Sounds like fun, count me in Can I have the Jags?
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    Would be funny if one of you gets traded by the cpu haha
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    They need to revert back to using the right stick for kicking. At least when it happened then - which it did - you could time it. Also think introducing kick blocking system in M17 compounded existing issues. Kicking is such an issue I would honestly prefer it if they gave us the option to sim it and you watch from like a coach-eye view. like the QB does in the NFL
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    There's a little bit somewhere to help turn off auto generated clips Stu..it's in your preferences section in the settings.
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    Will be sure to listen to some of these tracks when they launch - thought your last album was quite good Any tours planned?
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    With week 3 done it is still very tight up at the top of the table. Quietlife was joint top scorer this round to pull out in the top position. Cardy taking second spot and Winti, ZoSo and Hulldolfan sharing third. A gap is starting to open up with Sparky at 6th and then another gap although with the uncertainty regarding results at the moment things can change really quickly. Select your picks here http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/
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    The 8 Plus is a beast of a phone, just to give you my verdict. Picked one up on Friday and have little to no regret on it. The X is going to be incredible, but I'm personally going to wait a couple of years before moving to that 'generation' of smartphone.
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    Me, just landed in London !
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    Just wonderd if anyone plays it for a team thinking of going to a training session havent played any sport for years in 24 and could do with a hobbie and get fit what sort of stuff do you do in training also will my hight be a pain im only 5'5 ? Cheers
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    no https://flagfootballworld.com/tag/uk
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    Trained with what was then the Newcastle Senators at Northern Rugby Ground in 1988 , played in the slot in scrimmages loved it , was alot younger then and i think my thought process of playing a winger in football helped alot when coming off the line , sadly thou in 88 i first went to california so i was saving all my money for that me and @Mcmanus are about same height ? height wasnt a problem
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    I currently play for the newly promoted Wembley stallions I turn 36 in Dec, there are few lads older than me (only started playing 3/4 years ago) I'm 5"8 and play TE, Slot WR & FB we have loads of players shorter than me on my team deffo go for it, it's great craic good for fitness and great on the social side as well, it's hard to find mates who are in to NFL so you always have lads to chat about it with
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    To Quote Roy Chubby Brown Roy "Whoever invented decorating wants f**king!" Roys Wife "Not what you said the other night, who invented f**king wants decorating"
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    Lots of empty seats in LA at both games. That's what happens when you move into Raider territory.
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    Wednesday 20 September 7.30am – Clemson @ Louisville (rep, BT ESPN) 11.30am – College Football Live 10.30pm – College Football Live Thursday 21 September 11.30am – College Football Live 10.30pm – College Football Live Midnight – College Football Countdown (LIVE, BT ESPN) 12.30am – Temple @ South Florida (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player) 12.30am – South Carolina State @ North Carolina Central (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player) Friday 22 September 3.30pm – Temple @ South Florida (rep, BT ESPN) 10.30pm – College Football Live Midnight – College Football Countdown (LIVE, BT ESPN) 1.00am – Virginia @ Boise State (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player) Saturday 23 September 2.00pm – College GameDay from New York City (LIVE, ESPN Player, from 3pm on BT ESPN) 5.00pm – Game TBC (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player) 8.30pm – Alabama @ Vanderbilt (LIVE, BT ESPN, CBS Online) 9.15pm – Game TBC (LIVE, BTS2, ESPN Player) Midnight – ESPN Goal Line (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player via ESPNU) Midnight – Mississippi State @ Georgia (LIVE, BTS2, ESPN Player) 12.30am – Penn State @ Iowa (LIVE, BT ESPN, ESPN Player) 3.30am – UCLA @ Stanford (LIVE, BTS2, ESPN Player) Sunday 24 September 8.00am – Game TBC (rep, BT ESPN) 1.00pm – College Football Final
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    Rams fans quite this week trooper
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    but he has a better name
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    I thought by the title it was subway the sandwich place