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    Not posted on here for a while so this will be a blast from the past for some of the longer members. For newer guys, you will have probably heard many famous tails of how I used to delight this community with my vast madden knowledge and skills as well as my many, all legal, sexual adventures. Anyway, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Having been a committed and passionate madden baller and member of this community for many years, I have not been active for almost two years. For the first time since I can remember, I didn't even purchase madden last year. There were many reasons why I stopped playing madden such as job, family other commitments (real life is s**t sometimes), but mainly due to my s**tness Initially, I didn't miss madden, mainly because I didn't enjoy some of the later versions of the game I bought, madden 25 &16 and the fact that I was one of the sensible ones who opted for the better machine when moving to next gen console. However, I noticed during the last NFL season that I wasn't enjoying that as much as I usually do as well and believe that the lack of madden in my life was potentially impacting on this. So, I am left wondering whether my blood pressure and heart rate are strong enough to be exposed to some madden rage once more. I'm thinking that I'd possibly like to get back into madden, but not too keen to splash the cash only to be disappointed and want to bin it off after a month or so like my previous two madden purchases. So madden geeks, tell me what's better now in madden and why I should bring my talents back to The PFL!
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    Didn't touch it, so f**k all ya'll. Did upgrade the forum though, so perhaps incompatible. But still, f**k all ya'll
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    Right, all sorted and 16 paid up. Prize will remain the same as last year, £100 for 1st, £50 for 2nd and £10 for 3rd @rayski and @shanew1705, if you PM me your numbers I can add you to the whatsapp chat where I'd imagine there'll be more chat Final list - Joe ThePacFish BTG SnapDan TriangleKing Volki Zoso Buncey MurghBatwar Aaron Rayski Toploader Ramburgers Milo Shane RamsDan
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    Name : Doc. Has been known to say : ROOAAARRRR !!! Can also now say again : Rainbows Rams Rock ROOAAARRRR.
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    that time of year college ball is back i'll try and post this every week
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    Gizzed everywhere after watching the Bears again
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    The man the myth the legend finally let us know what we already knew... he's calling it a career. Will be a big loss for our defense(pun intended) but just in this occasion worth it to post the best part of hard knocks EVER: You'll be missed Vince!
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    @SnapDan Coutinho is staying, and has apparantly accepted he's going nowhere, now if we could only sign Van Dijk before saturday
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    Really looking forward to this - however if I don't see Winston with Crab Legs at any point during the series I'll be utterly dissapointed
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    Did my first draft last night to check it out, also the cpu completed scouting for me throughout the season as I advanced each week and did one hell of a job.
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    When you joining the arena then?
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    Im also back after a hiatus @Hulldolfan so make the decision!
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    Only thing id like to see is xp increases for oline men others seem fine from what snapdan has posted in the chat
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    That sounds like a complete ballache to administrate
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    It's amazing. You've got Trump threatening a thermonuclear war with North Korea and Neo-Nazi's roaming the streets at will killing people who stand up to them, but the country cares more about whether you stand for a song. Modern America is so f**king dumb.
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    To be fair MLB The Show is the best sports game period. (even better than Madden)
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    I was going to order it today so will post some of the prices I'll come across later tonight
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    The other big thing is the change to Post Routes & Corner Routes - They have been money in the last few versions. However looks like they will be covered quite well after seeing some footage. No longer will you be able to fit in a Post Route against Cover 3 all the time and purple zones won't play dumb against Corner routes. Have to say alot of these changes look good - got me quite excited for a very good version.
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    Love s**t like this. Be good to watch something with less annoying petulant winkers like there are on Last Chance U.
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    What does everyone think of the gameplay changes that have been put forth? For me the big one is the Ball Hawk change - For those who don't know you previously could run around and have the Y/Traingle button held down and you would get the ball hawk animation if you were near the ball. This year they have changed it so you need to time it rather than be able to hold it down - supposedly if your holding it down its going to cause your player to overplay the ball. Going to make those user picks better this year
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    Me you @PatsUK and @shanew1705 would have been a canny division on Madden. Blues villa wolves and baggies
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    The more I look at the Madden 18 development blogs the more I get p**sed there's no gameplay
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    Here is a good site explaining how to watch college football over here in the UK https://thorpessportingthoughts.wordpress.com/2017-uktv-guide/
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    I think with group me there is no need for shoutbox GM is handy for general banter but if you go on the site then post in the forums
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    Its a lovely film... on a lighter note The Replacements is another one i always love to watch
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    (BT ESPN unless otherwise stated, all times BST) Wednesday 23 August 11.30am – College Football Live 10.30pm – Championship Drive Midnight – College Football Live Thursday 24 August 12.30pm – College Football Live 4.30am – Championship Drive 5.00am – College Football Live Friday 25 August 10.00pm – College Football Live 5.30am – College Football Live Saturday 26 August 5.00pm – Texas Southern @ Florida A&M (LIVE, ESPN Player) 8.00pm – Portland State @ BYU (LIVE, ESPN Player) 11.30pm – Chattanooga vs Jacksonville St from Montgomery (LIVE, ESPN Player) Midnight – Colgate at Cal Poly (LIVE, ESPN Player) 3.00am – Stanford vs Rice from Sydney (LIVE, BT Sport 1, ESPN Player) 5.00am – College GameDay Season Preview Sunday 27 August 6.00am – College Football Special Season Preview 2.45pm – College Football Special Season Preview 6.00pm – College Football Special Heisman Preview 6.30pm – Championship Drive 10.30pm – College Football Special 11.00pm – College GameDay Season Preview Midnight – Richmond @ Sam Houston State (LIVE, ESPN Player) 4.30am – College Football Special 5.00am – Championship Drive Monday 28 August 2.00pm – Stanford vs Rice from Sydney (rep) Tuesday 29 August 11.30am – College Football Live 11.00pm – College Football Live 5.00am – College Football Live Wednesday 30 August 11.30am – College Football Live 9.30pm – Stanford vs Rice from Sydney (rep) 5.00am – College Football Live Thursday 31 August 11.30am – College Football Live 11.30pm – College GameDay 1.00am – Ohio State @ Indiana (LIVE, BTS ESPN) Friday 1 September 6.30am – College Football Live Noon – College Football Countdown 1.00pm – College GameDay 3.00pm – Ohio State @ Indiana (rep) 1.00am – College Football Live 2.00am – Utah State @ Wisconsin (LIVE, BTS ESPN) Saturday 2 September 8.30am – College Football Live 9.30am – Utah State @ Wisconsin (rep) 2.00pm – College GameDay from Atlanta (LIVE, BTS ESPN) 5.00pm – Akron @ Penn State (LIVE, BTS ESPN) 8.30pm – Florida vs Michigan from Dallas (LIVE, BTS ESPN) Midnight – ESPN Goal Line (LIVE, BTS ESPN) 1.00am – Alabama vs Florida State from Atlanta (LIVE, BTS ESPN) 2.30am – BYU vs LSU from Houston (LIVE, BT Sport 2) Sunday 3 September 11.00am – Alabama vs Florida State from Atlanta (rep) 2.00pm – BYU vs LSU from Houston (rep) 5.00pm – College Football Final 12.30am – Virginia Tech vs West Virginia from Washington DC (LIVE, BT Sport 2) 5.00am – College Football Final Monday 4 September 3.00pm – Virginia Tech vs West Virginia from Washington DC (rep) Midnight – College Football Countdown 1.00am – Georgia Tech vs Tennessee from Atlanta (LIVE, BTS ESPN) 4.30am – College Football Final Tuesday 5 September 7.00pm – College Football Countdown 8.00pm - Georgia Tech vs Tennessee from Atlanta (rep) 11.00pm – College Football Live
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    Name: Pim NFL team: Texans other sports teams: Feyenoord and will be picking a college team this year but not sure which one yet and Red Bull racing (F1). First madden: Madden 16 other favorite games: PES(until 2004/05)/FIFA(played from first edition)/FM(with CM01/02 as best one I think)/LoL and from time to time almost every other sports game.
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    Name: Jamaal NFL Team: Panthers other sports teams: Charlotte Hornets(NBA), Atlanta Braves(MLB) and Dynamo Dresden(my wife is German, lol) First Madden: John Madden Football 92 Other favorite games: NBA 2k, Fallout series, Borderlands series and Battlefield series.
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    Name : Colie or Colin NFL Team : Seahawks Other sports team/s : Tipperary Hurling/ Munster rugby/ Pro cycling First Madden game : 2017(before that pro football 1989 on Sega master system!!!) Other favourite games : none as of yet
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    Name - Dan NFL Team - Baltimore Ravens Other sports teams - Baltimore Orioles, New York Knicks, Maryland Terrapins First Madden - Madden 11 Other favourite games - MLB The Show, NCAA Football 14
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    My reciever just stood there facing the QB, hands apart ready to catch but the ball just hit him in the head, im sure there'll be a patch followed by a patch and maybe another patch that'll still not fix it
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    This target passing thing looks to me to be a bit of a red herring to be honest. I was doing the skills trainer for quite a while last night and testing it. It seems like one of those things that if you can master, then yeah, it might add something to your game. However, how long it will take to master I don't know. I was using target passing and then also just leading receivers the old way and passing normal and there wasn't really any difference, except you're far more likely to f**k up using the target passing. I know it's only an hour or so practicing, but I honestly can't see me using it much, if at all. Based on my game last night, a good offensive line is going to make a really big difference this year. My Browns offensive line was creating huge holes for me in the running game. Wouldn't be surprised if they tine it down to be honest. Wouldn't mind hearing from someone who's played with a really poor offensive line to see how theirs got on?
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    I'm dragging the Mrs over to see the Ravens, sat-mon! Just had the chat with her about why she can't wear a Ray Rice jersey
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    Think this tweet shows what a stupid story it is..
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    I'll never forget those games against that cheesy SOB.
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    So with hard knocks starting tomorrow in the States! Think it's Thursday for sky? Who's looking forward to it? I am, it has to be better than the rams and I'm looking forward to watching Winston who I'm a big fan of
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    Just been to see it at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Seriously one of the best films I've seen, and the IMAX is defiantly worth the extra if you're near a screen.
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    Just wish the early access wouild hurry up though
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    Think the American government can pretty much do whatever they want can't they? @Ken2Blitzkrieg If you're looking for a cheaper digital copy, keep an eye on the bargain sites, they often advertise Xbox live cards for much cheaper, often get £5 for £3.89 or similar, which if you buy say £55 worth of them comes to £42 or thereabouts
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    the only online version at the moment really really cant wait for this
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    I know what you mean but I think theres not gonna be a solution for this. Usering the LB/S is never gonna be a sim experience as @DaBurg864 pointed out that seeing the whole of the field from their perspective is not sim either. I do agree there are an insane amount of picks as a reward for good usering but thats not the question of it being sim or not imo
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    Will put it up when i get back to the office
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    Landed in the vault yesterday afternoon, downloaded it right away. Miles better than TITANFALL in many ways. If you're in need of a little something to bide you over till Madden 18 gets its early release, you cant go far wrong with this.
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    I'm really looking forward to it, this and the new COD are two of the reasons I packed Madden in But wouldn't get too excited, it looks like 2018 at the earliest as they have more resources on finishing the PC version
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    We..Want...Football! dun ,dun, dun, dun dun, dun!
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    That's all their runs and hits for the next week in one go