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    • @QuietLife honestly not sure whether I'm looking forward to the game or the match report more at this stage.
    •   Well, week 1 done and dusted and the Ol' ball coach got to chalk off two of his season goals. It may never be this sweet again. 1. Win on Opening day. 2. Never wear those yellow pants. 3. Beat Dallas 4. Get more than 9 wins That's right, the curse of Gruden was consigned to the dustbin of history by Coach Quietlife in his first day pacing the sideline. As were those loser pants. It was never plain sailing nor a dominant display by any means and hours after it was all over Quietlife was making tea in the kitchen and still wondering how he'd got the win. Let's go over the good and bad of game 1: Good 4 turnovers. 2 pick 6. Plus 2 in the turnover column. Any way that is sliced and diced comes up smelling of roses. Give a game ball to Deshazor Everett for those 2 timely INTs. Jordan Reed; Man, I hope this guy never get's injured. Easily my favourite receiver, can outrun CB's, catch anything, score at will. Er, actually scratch that, he's not my favourite receiver at all, I will never chuck another pass his way all season ( I almost forgot who was reading this). Robert Kelley ran for just under 100 yards and a TD. In this year's Madden that is good enough to be a top 5 RB.  I am beginning to feel my way back into protection changes and progression reads. My old eyeballs are not thanking me for this level of twitch movement without blinking. Bad The D gave up 471 yds. Felt like I was playing D all game which as we all know is the boring ass part of playing Madden.......and no sacks at all. Nada. Sheesh! Take Everett's game ball back for the bone head play on 1st and 20 when instead of covering Smith in the slot he decided to play LB and wedge himself in the front seven. Result? Eagles TD. Defensive assignment changes - my old fingers no longer retain the muscle memory to be flying across the D pad and bumpers in the 2 nano seconds before the ball gets snapped. I need to simplify all of that for the moment. Kirk Cousins was a classic game manager with a pedestrian 153 yards. I also would like to blame his Madden ratings for both of his picks and not the fact that my understanding of underneath coverage is to try and pass it straight through the defender to my receiver. Terrelle Pryor Sr. Were you even dressed for this game? You're my No. 1 guy? Really? Next Up: The LA Rams in the aging dusty Los Angeles Coliseum. Rugbydan92 played the CPU Colts in week one and it's always hard to read much into a game against the CPU as it plays somewhat differently to another human. Statistically looked an even game but the result was anything but. Watkins and Everett are unsurprisingly favourite targets and there's also some use of Gurley II as a receiver. I'll need to watch for that. On the D it's all about locating Aaron Donald before every snap and not running at him and sliding protection to wherever he is. It's not going to be fun defending him at all.     
    • Just finished watching it. A great display on both sides of the ball from the Skins - that doesn't come along often.
    • Corey Graham & Rodney McLeod
    • @BadaBing whatever deal would have to include Garrett now I also understand you would be hesitant to let him go.
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